WESTERN TREASURE VALLEY — While many people around the world took a holiday for Christmas and New Year’s Day, COVID-19 did not. According to the Idaho Department of Health Health & Welfare, however, the rate of its spread between Idaho’s long-term care facilities slowed a little going into 2021.

According to the department’s Jan. 8 report, a total of 8,086 cases associated with 307 outbreaks were reported. This represents an increase of 364 new cases and two new outbreaks since the department’s Dec. 31 report. 

While just 231 new cases were reported between Dec. 24 and Dec. 31, five new outbreaks were reported in that timeframe. The number of facilities which have resolved outbreaks jumped from 96 on Dec. 31 to 121 today.

There are presently 6,236 staff and patients within 186 facilities reported with COVID-19.

Following is the latest data on facilities in Payette and Washington counties affected by COVID-19.

Unresolved outbreaks

• Payette Healthcare of Cascadia: 14 cases

• Cottages of Payette: 6 cases

• Salubria Center, Cambridge: 18 cases

Resolved outbreaks

• Cottages of Weiser: 18 cases

• Royal Villa Care Center, Payette: 17 cases, 1 death

• Edgewood Spring Creek, Fruitland: 4 cases, 1 death

• Communicare #6, Weiser: 26 cases, 2 deaths

• Ashely Manor - Beverly Hills, Payette: 1 case

• Indianhead Estates, Weiser: 7 cases

• Weiser Care of Cascadia: 54 cases, 6 deaths

Cottages of Payette reported the first new outbreak in the area in 2021. A total of ten outbreaks have been reported in Payette and Washington counties. Five facilities have reported a total of 17 deaths.

As of Jan. 8, Southwest District Health has reported 1,732 total cases in Payette County, 784 in Washington County.

The latest report can be read in full at https://bit.ly/3s0O2s6.

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