As the Payette County Planning and Zoning Commission continues preparations to update its comprehensive plan, officials are asking for help from near and far to put the needed pieces into place.

Jennifer Riebe, Vice Chair of the 12-member commission, says the next step is to gather bids from companies and individuals interested in facilitating the process.

“This would involve organizing and conducting public outreach  meetings, assembling demographic data, and helping write the text of the Plan based on the input and desires of Payette County citizens,” said Riebe via email on Jan. 10. “So far, we have one request from a company in WA (state) that does Engineering and Planning.”

Riebe reminds the public that their input is key to this process.

“We have received excellent participation in our online survey,” according to Riebe.

Riebe said the search for additional help in preparing the updated plan continues.

“We hope to find some additional candidates before moving forward with the actual planning process this spring.”

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