Large donation of face coverings will help schools

Payette County received a donation of masks and face shields from Megaforce Company Limited on Aug. 3. The supplies may be used for local schools, according to Payette County Sheriff’s Lt. Andy Creech.

PAYETTE COUNTY — Payette County got a donation of thousands of masks and face shields on Monday from a Taiwan-based company that has an office in Boise.

The Payette County Board of Commissioners received the donation of 3,000 procedure masks and 1,500 face shields from Megaforce Company Limited, according to a news release from the Payette County’s Emergency Management Office.

“COVID-19 is not an illness that can be prevented by one person, one city, or one nation alone,” said Eric Chen, director of Megaforce Biomedical Unit in the release. “Instead, it is an issue that all citizens of the world need to actively participate in to prevent its spread.” 

According to Payette County Emergency Manager Lt. Andy Creech, the personal protective equipment may be used for schools.

“Payette County is currently working with the school districts in Payette County to identify how they can be used in our schools,” he said in the news release. “It is our hope that these masks and face shields can be used in correlation with each school districts plans as they prepare to begin school later this month.”

The donation will help offset costs to the community related to the pandemic in the upcoming school year, according to Creech.

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