BOISE – Idaho Gov. Brad Little has officially proclaimed September as “College Savings Month” and joined other state leaders in marking the 20th Anniversary of IDeal-Idaho’s 529 College Savings Program.

Little was joined by members of the Idaho College Savings Program Board on Friday to recognize the growth and achievements of the program over the last 20 years. Since its founding in 2001, IDeal has enabled more than 60,000 account owners save more than $725 million for their higher educationcosts.

“It’s never too early or too late to start saving through the State of Idaho’s 529 College Savings Program, so that you can offer your most precious gift -- your child or grandchild -- the gift of college savings,” Little said. “Celebrating College Savings Month and the program’s 20th anniversary is a great way to engage families and remind them of the importance of thinking ahead on college savings.”

Christine Stoll, who has served as Executive Director of IDeal since 2013, said the program has proven over time an invaluable resource for people to pursue their personal and professional dreams, avoid burdensome debt and improve the quality of Idaho’s workforce.

In the spirit of improving the program, Brian Kane, the Idaho Chief Deputy Attorney General, announced another change to IDeal during the proclamation signing. IDeal account owners will enjoy a cost reduction that will result in a total savings of almost $1 million. The savings comes from a reduction of IDeal’s program fees from 0.49% to 0.36% on all accounts.

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