PAYETTE - While few, if any, public events are happening in the world right now, the Payette City Council is preparing for one scenario that is likely to arise once events resume: Special events held by non-profits.

At their second regular meeting of the month on March 16, the  Council discussed Resolution 2020-02, which amends the city’s administrative fee schedule to add an exemption for non profit organizations.

Specifically, the Resolution would exempt Internal Revenue Service classified, tax-exempt non-profit organizations from the $100 special event permit fee.

During the discussion, Councilor Daniel Lopez, who raised the initial concern for non-profits at a previous meeting, called adding the IRS language to the Resolution sounded logical to him.

“After having conversations with the City Clerk … this sounds like a very good, reasonable fix for the problem,” said Lopez.

Lopez then made the motion to approve the Resolution, with Morin seconding.

Before calling for a vote, Williams pointed a motion made in April 2009, approving a special event application by the annual Apple Blossom festival and exempting it from this motion because that motion would need to be separately amended to be affected.

‘That was a separate agreement,” Williams said.

The roll call vote was unanimous.

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