PAYETTE — Being a member of law enforcement often involves doing things for the public that they may not expect. Payette County Sheriff Andy Creech shared one example of his officers doing good in a Wednesday email to the newspaper.

Creech shared about Deputies Burke and Perez of the Payette County Sheriff’s Office going out of their way to help a stranded motorist who had run out of fuel.

“On Jan. 2, at approximately 9:40 a.m., Deputy Perez and Deputy Burke assisted a motorist on I-84 who was traveling through the area and was from Eugene, Oregon,” wrote Creech. “The motorist was headed towards Oregon but had run out of gasoline. The motorist was persistent with trying to get his vehicle to a gas station, but he eventually allowed our deputies to assist him.”

Once they arrived at the nearest fueling station, however, another problem came up; The motorist was also low on money, and thus couldn’t afford a fuel can, let alone fuel and food.

“Our deputies bought the gas can, gas, and some food for this traveler. They gave him a ride back to his vehicle.

According to Creech, the deputies then drove the motorist back to his vehicle and refueled it. But even then, the vehicle still wouldn’t start, even with the help of Burke and Perez.

“They eventually gave him a ride back to a gas station where he could stay warm while trying to make other travel arrangements.”

Creech commends Burke and Perez for their efforts in helping the motorist, stating that their actions in this case are an example of his department’s overall mission.

“The Payette County Sheriffs Office’s mission is to provide excellent service and protection through leadership and partnership with our community. Our core values include loyalty, duty, respect, service, honor, integrity, and personal courage. Both Deputy Perez and Deputy Burke displayed these values when assisting this motorist who was stranded in our county.”

The deputies’ first names were not provided by Creech, before press time

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