FRUITLAND — Twenty nine students were awarded scholarships for the

2020-21 school year at Fruitland High School. These students have shown dedication and

service to their community, as well as strong academic achievements.

Fruitland Dollars for Scholars chapter was chartered in January 2007 by a local housing

development and business owners to assist Fruitland High School seniors in pursuing

their education through the ScholarshipAmerica program. It is our desire to work with

local community members to inspire students to achieve their highest educational and

career potential. Our mission is to encourage community involvement in a scholarship

program that is self-sustaining and perpetual. Just recently, Fruitland Dollars for

Scholars was granted the proceeds of a house sale in which most of the building

materials were donated by our local contractors and business owners.

Since 2007, the Fruitland community has donated over $295,000 worth of scholarships

to approximately 230 students. This year we will be adding another $80,500 in award

money. Our deepest thanks to the scholarship donors for investing in our Fruitland


Following is the list of winners at Fruitland High this school year.

• $5000 Four Year Renewable - Barb and Tony Tesnohlidek: Rylee Black

• $5000 Four Year Renewable - Tony Henggeler: Sawyer Craig

• $1250 Two Year Renewable - Tony Henggeler: Maria Hernandez, Betsabe Hernandez, William McComb, Serafia Plaza, Maycee Grosvenor, Mikayla Williams, Josh Uriu and Miguel Rios-Meza

• $2500 Batt Vo-Tech: Kelsee Hereau and Dylan Stelling

• $1500 Honey Store: Gregory Gissel

• $1000 Pelican Group: Kobe Bake

• $1000 Galen & Cindy Lee: Janet Gordillo, Jacob Walker

• $1000 Kelly Strough – Spartan of the Year: Joslyn Philpot

• $1000 Safari Club: Kaden Smith

• $1000 Dwaine Tesnohlidek FFA: Mary Mateer

• $1000 Ben Kerfoot: Carlos Bravo

• $1000 Warrington Construction: Kaden Smith

• $1000 Goldwings Realty: Roby Miller, Maurilio Ramirez

• $1000 D.L. Evans Bank: Madison Fritts

• $1000 Henggeler Families: Ashlynn Moore and Madison Scott

• $1000 Henggeler Families Vocational Scholarship: Jase Grant

• $1000 Lee Wright: Dawson McGraw

• $1500 Fruitland Dollars for Scholars: Clark Mahler and Ashton Roper

• $500 Bill and Jean Peterson: Madison Fritts

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