FRUITLAND — Don’t put another dime in this jukebox.

One of the action items on Fruitland City Council’s agenda at its regular meeting last night was a motion to dispose of city property. In this particular instance, the item in question is called an “optical imaging jukebox.”

In request for clarification on the item and whether or not it was an actual music-playing piece of electronic equipment, the newspaper reached out to Fruitland City Clerk Suzanne Pearcy prior to the meeting.

“If we have an item in our inventory that had a value enough to depreciate we have to ask council permission to get rid of it.

This particular item has a fun name but it is actually very dull … It was just a data storage server. It was called a jukebox because it would physically move the drives around depending on what kind of document you were saving or trying to retrieve from the server,” wrote Pearcy in an email received on Monday evening.

When the agenda item was brought in during the meeting, council members did remark on the unusual name, that’s when Pearcy explained what the equipment is and what it does and that it is very outdated.

Councilor Stuart Grimes compared the optical imaging jukebox to an old six-disc CD changer, waiting for the machine to click through all the other CDs to get around to playing the song you wanted to hear.

The council unanimously approved the disposal of the jukebox.

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