Depending on where are you headed in Payette or Fruitland on Friday, you could get a free ride there.

The Payette Public Library and Fruitland tennis courts are among several stops along routes in the two cities that are served by Snake River Transit Idaho, and as a way to show support for the community and to encourage new ridership, the transportation service will be offering fare free Fridays during the month of October.

The free rides are limited to routes in Payette and Fruitland and do not include Ontario routes served by Snake River Transit as a whole, according to according to Terry Lindenberg, executive director of Treasure Valley Transit, which operates rural transit programs throughout the region.

The newest bus in the fleet, which was unveiled in mid-September, was locally funded through the cities of Fruitland and Payette, along with Payette County, which each pitched in about $8,500, according to Lindenberg. The

remainder of the approximately $120,000 vehicle was funded through grants from the Idaho Transportation Department, she said.

Snake River Transit Idaho operates from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. five days a week except for certain holidays. The route is designed to enable access to work, medical facilities, social and recreational activities, according to a fact sheet from Lindenberg. It also connects riders to Snake River Transit-Oregon, which serves the greater Ontario area.

In 2018, the annual the route Payette and Fruitland served 19,293 riders.

“ITD is very pleased with the ridership and service in Snake River Transit-Idaho,” Lindenberg said.

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