PAYETTE COUNTY — While she has occupied the District 9B Representative seat in the Idaho House of Representatives since 2009, Rep. Judy Boyle, R-Midvale, says there is still more for her to do. Boyle is on the Nov. 3 ballot, defending her seat against newcomer Allen Schmid, D-Fruitland. Schmid says he aims to help Idaho’s youth stay local and find work, protect public health and support public schools.

The newspaper reached out to both candidates to learn about their aims for office beyond 2020. Following are their responses. Answers are unchanged.

Rep. Judy Boyle, 67

IE: What are your current occupations?

Boyle: Agriculture, state Representative, freelance writer.

IE: What volunteer experience do you have?

Boyle: Through the years I have volunteered for St Luke’s NICU Parent Support Group, helped start the Idaho Ronald McDonald House, March of Dimes, 4-H Leader, NRA, various local fundraisers, assisted with many Republican candidates’ campaigns, Fruitland St Luke’s Community Board, Midvale FFA.

IE: What is your political background?

Boyle: I’ve been involved in political issues at a young age with my Grandfather. I worked for Congressman Helen Chenoweth as Director of Natural Resources, Idaho Farm Bureau Federation lobbyist, substitute Idaho Senator for 2 terms, Idaho State Representative for District 9.

IE: Why are you the best candidate for the Representative seat?

Boyle: I have a proven conservative voting record and have assisted many district 9 constituents & Idaho citizens across the state. Helping people deal with both state & federal bureaucracy is one of the best parts of being a legislator. I have authored numerous bills including 2nd Amendment Rights, natural resources, agriculture, and education. Currently, I serve as the House Agriculture Committee Chairman, Chair of the Western Legislative Forestry Task Force, & Co-Chair of the federal lands federalism committee plus serve on House Education & Natural Resource Committees. I truly love serving the citizens of District 9 and Idaho.

IE: What do you see as the main issues for District 9?

Boyle: Our rural district is based on agriculture and natural resources.  

We have untapped wealth in timber if we could access it. I will continue to work with the federal & state departments on both agriculture & forestry issues to develop more businesses & jobs. Education is always an issue across the state. Protecting our Constitutionally-guaranteed Rights is vital to our continued Freedom.

IE: Have you ever been charged with a felony?

Boyle: No, I have never been charged with a felony.

Allen Schmid

IE: What is your present occupation?

Schmid: Farmer.

IE: What volunteer experience do you have?

Schmid: Various farm organizations and church.

IE: What is your political background?

Schmid: Ran for office in 2016.

IE: Why are you the best candidate for Representative?

Schmid: As a father, farmer and veteran, I face the same issues that Idahoans have to worry about every day. Jobs, education and health care. Our current legislature has failed on all three.

IE: What do you see as the main issues for District 9?

Schmid: We need to do more to promote industry so that our kids don’t have to leave Idaho to find a good paying job. We need to support our public schools so that every child has the chance to get an education. We need to provide health care for everyone so that people don’t have to go bankrupt because of doctor’s bills. And, we need to stop forced drilling of oil and gas wells in Idaho.

IE: Have you ever been charged with a felony?

Schmid: No.

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