New Plymouth’s most notable park is in the process of getting a walking and bike path with new construction that curves through its center.

New Plymouth resident Milt Hickey noticed crews hard at work in the park on SW Boulevard last Wednesday and took photos. Operating paving equipment to smooth out the newly laid asphalt, workers were putting some necessary finishes on the new construction. By late Thursday afternoon, crews had already completed large portions of the pathway.

Beau Ziemer with the New Plymouth Public Works department said the project started in July and should be completed later this month or early next month. The path is designed to wrap all the way around the boulevard. Ziemer said the renovation was made possible by a federal highways grant.

New Plymouth’s historical background has intrigued many visitors, the park will now include several laminated “interpretive signs” inscribed with facts relating to the town and its history serving as fixtures throughout the park.

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