Payette County Sheriff Lt. Andrew Creech reminds Payette County residents that they can rest assured that they won’t be the last to know when something serious is happening in their neighborhood. By texting “Payette” to 99411, residents can receive a link to sign up for Code Red notifications to be sent straight to their mobile phones or desktop computers.

Code Red is the emergency notification system used in Payette County to notify residents of emergencies occurring in their neighborhoods.

During the registration process, residents need only put in their name, address and contact information, and have the option to receive Code Red alerts via text message, email or voice call.

Creech says the county has run Code Red alerts for over five years.

“Most citizens may only get one or two messages per year,” according to Creech. “We typically select specific neighborhoods where there is a specific safety concern to alert the residents. This way citizens get alerts that matter directly to them. Citizens can sign up with more than one address in Payette County. This allows them to get alerts for their residence, work, children’s schools, etc.”

Creech says alerts typically notify recipients of wanted criminals at-large, lost children, flooding and other natural disasters.

“We also use the system to put messages out to residence when the public works department in their area will be completing maintenance work in their area that will cause a disruption in their potable water supply,” he said.

Payette County has 9,285 phone numbers, 1,310 emails, 2,124 text messages, and 29 TDDs registered in the Code Red system as of press time. The county also promotes information about Code Red through county websites and social media. Creech notes that as alerts are sent, those not registered often call in wanting to know what’s going on.

“We encourage all citizens to sign up for these alerts so that they will get the alert and be able to have accurate information about the situations occurring in their neighborhood, when we believe there may be a safety concern to them.”

Individual cellphone network message and data rates may apply.

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