CALDWELL — Southwest District Health, in conjunction with the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), has lifted the Cyanobacteria Health Advisory for Lake Lowell. The advisory was issued Sept. 4.

DEQ officials monitor cyanobacteria and associated toxins where harmful algal blooms (HABs) are present and have confirmed that cyanobacteria levels at Hells Canyon Reservoir in the area of the Big Bar camping area have returned to normal and toxin levels are below the safety threshold.

Other blooms may exist on this waterbody that have not been reported to DEQ or the health

district. Water users should always exercise caution around water bodies with visible slime or surface scum or a foul odor. High concentrations of toxin-producing cyanobacteria may cause

illness to both humans and animals. Report any concerns to DEQ at (208) 373-0550.

For more information about harmful algal blooms, visit DEQ’s website at

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