PAYETTE COUNTY- As just one more means of helping residents stay in the know should a disaster strike, the Payette County Office of Emergency Management has developed a set of online dashboards designed to give frequently updated information about various types of conditions, from natural to man-made, and current biological threats.

Payette County Sheriff’s Lt. Andy Creech explained the dashboards via email on Mar. 11.

“The Payette County Office of Emergency Management has been working on developing a tool to monitor disasters in Payette County,” said Creech. “We have put together a tool to assist not only our office but the public in monitoring the weather, river levels, fires, power outages, earthquakes, road conditions, news, and updates on the coronavirus.”

Creech said that the website offers a one-stop location for county officials, as well as the public, to find important information as emergencies develop.

“The Disaster Preparedness Dashboard brings numerous public websites into one location and makes it easier to monitor all of this information while managing a disaster,” according to Creech. “This dashboard has been designed to include information that will significantly assist elected officials and department heads throughout our community. The information on the dashboard is also available to our community members so that they can monitor these items as well.”

Creech also mentioned a tool available to help view information within these tools: A circle with four arrows pointing outwards. “If you click this it will expand the box to make it easier to view the content. Click it again to minimize that box and view the whole dashboard.”

Creech says Payette County is in constant contact with state officials, including participating in numerous conference calls, where “information is being flowed back and forth,” so that pertinent updates can be provided to elected officials.

“There hasn’t been any concern in Idaho or Payette County, yet,” Creech said. “If it was to come here, we’ll be ready or know about it [when it happens], because we’ve been participating in those meetings.”

The COVID-19 is a health emergency, Creech says, emphasizing that Payette County will be ready to offer support to state health agencies if it comes down to it.

Leslie Thompson contributed to this story.

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