PAYETTE — Managing money isn’t just about counting and recounting, but also about making sure the money stays in the right hands. As city officials have observed, the places they can make such deposit sometimes change along with city personnel.

With the pending closure of Wells Fargo’s Payette branch and Malheur Federal Credit Union going Rogue as a result of a merger with Rogue Credit Union, the Payette City Council took the opportunity to update its list of authorized signers on bank accounts at its regular meeting Tuesday. The move was made in the form of Ordinance 1498 and Resolution 2021-11.

The resolution authorizes Mayor Jeff Williams, City Clerk/Treasurer Mary Cordova and Deputy Clerk Bobbie Black as signers for city transactions, including checks written to pay city expenses. 

“Such authority shall remain in force until revoked by written notice to the affected bank of the action taken by the Council of the City of Payette,” the resolution reads, in part. 

The resolution also authorizes these signers to enter into an agreement with WaFd Bank for banking services “and to sign as Certifying Officer along with the signatures of the Authorized Signers.” 

According to Cordova, the resolution creates a section of municipal code, Section 1.30.010, needed to designate depositories within the city’s jurisdiction. Rogue, along with Columbia Bank, issue city credit cards, she noted.

Councilor Daniel Lopez moved to approve the ordinance, with Councilor Mike Kee seconding. The roll call vote was 5-0 in favor.

Councilor Kathy Patrick moved to pass the resolution and authorize Williams as a signer on the city’s WaFd account, seconded by Councilor Lori Steiniker. A separate roll call vote approved this motion 5-0.

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