NEW PLYMOUTH — Double Diamond Steak House was on the agenda at Tuesday night’s regular meeting of the New Plymouth City Council. The new business brought before the council was a request by the dining establishment to temporarily close Maple Street for a street dance event.

Mayor Rick York asked if there were any representatives from the Double Diamond present to discuss this request to which there were none.

New Plymouth City Clerk Danielle Painter presented the information regarding the street closure request including a letter from the organizer, 

“She’s already applied for the catering permit, we’re just waiting for the fire chief to approve it,” said Painter, who said that the request would then have to be sent to Idaho State Police.

Councilor Cora Kurth started the discussion by saying she’s “not good with it.” She said that she doesn’t want to city to hold an event and two weeks later, people start getting sick and the schools have to close as a result. Kurth added that she’s not saying that there will be negative outcomes, but the possibility exists.

“You play Russian Roulette every time you have an event,” she Kurth.

Councilor Tom Hoppell said that he shared some of the same concerns as Kurth. He referenced the most recent Fourth of July activities and this year’s Payette County Fair and Rodeo, saying that at those events he witnessed kids gathering together.

“Kids are kids,” said Hoppell, “They’re gonna get together no matter what’s happening.”

Councilor Bill Warnke said that he had no problem with the event as long as it wasn’t moved indoors as physically distancing would be difficult to maintain.

The council ultimately denied the request in a three-to-one vote with Councilman Warnke dissenting.

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