Payette School District apparently will not incur much of the originally projected cost for a city building permit to repair McCain Middle School’s roof.

Monday night the Payette City Council and school district employee Barbara Choate partially clarified the district’s inspection-related needs for the project. As a result, it appears the district is no longer on the hook for $3,000 of the approximately $3,900 total fee the district was facing two weeks ago, when Choate first discussed the issue with the City Council.

Since that first discussion, on May 20, Mayor Jeff Williams and city administrators have learned from the city’s contracted building inspector that $3,000 of the fee could be avoided if the school district’s own architects would “stamp the plans,” Williams explained on Monday.

“Already done,” Choate said. “They’re stamped plans.”

Williams said the remainder of the fee, approximately $902, is for a plan review.

“So Barbara, would you guys be able to live with the nine-hundred-and-two-dollar plan review?” Councilor Craig Jensen asked Choate.

“I just texted my architect to see whether or not, because our stuff is reviewed by the (Idaho) Division of Building Safety,” Choate answered. “Schools have to go through that. So I’m seeing whether he’s already done that part.” She added that she did not expect to receive an immediate response, however.

At the outset of Monday’s discussion, Williams said the city had learned that Idaho Code allows a school district to choose between using a local government or the Idaho Division of Building Safety for obtaining an approval on a public school building.

Councilor Kathy Patrick asked for an explanation of plan review, and Williams referred the question to Doug Argo, city engineer.

“The plan review is set on a percentage of value of the construction, and it is intended to be a second check on the plans that you get in, regardless of what they are,” Argo said, explaining that the requirement applies not only to building construction, but also to such other projects as sewers, for example.

The City Council decided on May 20 to issue the building permit for the middle school without any delay due to unresolved questions on fees. On Monday, Choate said rain had delayed the roof repair’s start, but someone would be coming into City Hall for the permit this week.


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