At its Nov. 18 meeting, the Payette City Council unanimously decided to allow dogs on leashes at all city parks.

Councilor Alan Massey argued that dogs should be allowed at all city parks, now that the Council has had a chance to review the city’s leash law.

Councilor Ray Wickersham agreed, adding that he would like to see dog duty stations, which provide disposal bags for cleaning up after dogs, added at parks around the city as funding becomes available.

Pointing out that several other cities don’t provide such stations was Councilor Kathy Patrick, who noted it’s up to owners to carry them in those cities.

She expressed concern about situations where dogs could take food from other people, such as city functions. Mayor Jeff Williams responded, saying that it would be up to Police Chief John Plaza to determine how to respond to such.

Massey pointed out that at the end of the day, it’s up to dog owners to keep dogs under their control when walking them.

“We’re just trying to simplify the code,” Massey said.

Massey made the motion to make all parks dog-friendly in the city, with Wickersham seconding.

Williams pointed out updated signage reflecting the change would be needed in the coming days.

Earlier in the meeting, the Council passed an ordinance, simplifying Municipal Code to allow dogs to be unleashed upon another person’s private property, with permission, or on a leash not exceeding eight feet in length. The amendment also clarifies conditions surrounding dogs used for law enforcement. The Council approved changes simplifying the city’s dog impoundment fee schedule.

The city of Payette also has a dedicated dog park on the grounds of Payette’s National Guard Armory, which is also known as Hanigan Park.

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