PAYETTE — At its regular meeting on Oct. 4, the Payette City Council provided a means for residents building on or renovating their properties to avoid rushing completion. Through Ordinance No. 1499, the council modified Payette Municipal Code 5.28.064 regarding parking or camping in the city.

“This was an ordinance that … we thought had already been done, but it didn’t get done,” Councilor Daniel Lopez said, reflecting on how the ordinance came to be in two parts, in late 2020. “It’s just one of those things that’s just come down the pipeline … We got the first part done, this part didn’t get done.”

Following are changes made through this ordinance, much of which Lopez referred to as ‘housekeeping.’

• For individuals constructing a house on their own lot, with a valid building permit for the house being built, may park and occupy a trailer home on the lot for them and their family to live in during construction. This is allowed up to 180 days.

Existing code only allowed use of such a trailer up to 120 days.

• The ordinance cleans up language in city code to state that trailer coaches and mobile homes may be parked within a designated mobile home park, with fireproof skirting installed, as long as it complies with present National Fire Protection Association codes.

• For those who tour the country in motor homes or recreation trailers, the ordinance clarifies that the city will issue a temporary license or permit which is valid for up to 30 days. The code previously referred to these vehicles as “house trailers.”

“The provisions of this section shall not apply to or affect new or used trailer houses or mobile homes for sale, stored or placed on trailer sales lots, that have been established under proper permit and license from the city and are otherwise subject to the regular building and zoning provisions of the city,” the ordinance reads, in part.

Lopez moved to approve the ordinance on its first reading, seconded by Councilor Lori Steiniker. A roll call vote to approve was unanimous, 6-0.

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