BOISE – 30 eligible residents, staff and volunteers of Boise’s Good Samaritan Home received the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine today as part of a Saint Alphonsus outreach to those who face challenges receiving or scheduling a COVID-19 vaccination.

This is the first time the Saint Alphonsus mobile unit has delivered vaccines to a community off-site according to Jennifer Palagi, DNP, MPH, Saint Alphonsus Vice President of Community Health and Well-being. 

“At the center of our mission is making sure we are doing the most we can for those who are underserved or may be in a vulnerable population.  These are eligible low-income seniors – some with disabilities – with little or no access to vaccines or vaccine appointments.”

Good Samaritan Home Executive Director Danielle Sanders says today’s on-site clinic was well-received and extremely helpful to residents who have challenges accessing the vaccine due to online scheduling or transportation, “We are so grateful for Saint Alphonsus in providing the vaccines here. It truly makes access easier for people who really want it. The overall  consensus has been we’re ready to see our friends, we’re ready to have our volunteers back and be back in the community and have the opportunity to interact with humans again.” 

Saint Alphonsus Health System is actively reaching out to other underserved populations, including communities of color, to accommodate scheduling at its main vaccination clinic in Meridian and to provide more off-site clinics at churches and community spaces that serve these populations. 

This service is primarily for those who do not have ease of access to traditional ways of signing up for appointments. For example, this may include individuals who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing or others with language barriers. 

Saint Alphonsus provides accomodations for vulnerable individuals with perceived or real barriers to scheduling. Eventually the off-site clinics will also reach into rural areas of Eastern Oregon.

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