PAYETTE - Along with the closures of schools on both sides of the Snake River, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Western Treasure Valley have closed both the Ontario and Payette Clubhouses due to the spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

In an email to the Argus on March 18, Chief Executive Director Dana Castellani said among the measures the clubs are taking is a clean sweep of their facilities and meetings with club leaders.

“Ontario Club has been closed this whole week, but staff have continued working in order to deep clean and sanitize the entire club. Friday was already a planned closure day for leadership meetings, and that will still happen.”

Castellani said the clubs were originally planning to open for spring break, but in light of COVID plans have changed.

“Instead, we will be training staff on everything from safety and how to help kids and families during this time to improving program quality.”

The clubs are also planning to supplement measures taken by the local school districts, including foodservice.

“We are currently looking at offering a supper program to complement the schools already offering breakfast and lunches.”

The closures are expected to last until March 29. Castellani is urging parents to check out the Clubs’ Facebook page for daily updates, as the situation remains fluid.

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