WASHINGTON COUNTY - With final changes made and submitted for approval, the Washington County Board of Commissioners ratified the county’s 2020-21 fiscal year budget at its Nov. 2 meeting.

The total budget is $15,179,066. Following are highlights from the approved budget.

• General fund expenses, which include pay for county officers including clerk, assessor, treasurer, etc.: $3,117,188

• Road and Bridge fund: $2,830,245 to work with

• Airport: $58,560

• District Court: $726,917

• Fairgrounds: $74,000

• Justice fund, including Sheriff Dept., Prosecuting Attorney, Jail and Search and Rescue: $4,196,577

• Health District: $62,513

• Social services: $622,565

• Emergency communications (911): $161,250

• Special bridge projects: $785,000

• Waterways: $102,850

• Insurance pool: $72,000

• Junior College Trust: $76,000

• Grant Trust: $500,000

According to County Clerk Donna Atwood, the budget is $7,300 lower than the previous year’s budget.

In a Nov. 3 email, Commission Chairman Kirk Chandler the main changes involved monies collected by county building inspectors.

“The budget adjustment hearing we did … was to move money that was received from building inspection fees, that go into our general fund, to the contract line that we are paying our building inspector from,” said Chandler. “It did not change the over all budget and it didn’t change the levy rate.”

$67,863 were moved to the building and grounds contract line, from the current expense fund balance. Building and grounds now gets $338,500.

Chandler made the motion to approve the budget with the new usage of inspection monies included, with Commissioner Lisa Collini seconding. The vote to approve the budget was unanimous.

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