Stateline Auto Ranch groundbreaking

Members of Stateline Auto Ranch management bury their shovels in the dirt as part of the groundbreaking ceremony.

One of Fruitland’s newest businesses is about 50 percent complete on the construction of its facility, which will be the site of Stateline Auto Ranch, located one a five-acre site at the corner of NW 9th St. and U.S. Highway 95. A groundbreaking ceremony was held last week.

In siting the new Subaru dealership in Fruitland, Auto Ranch Group is separating those operations from its Ford operations in Ontario.

Construction of the new store is expected to be completed in December, according to a news release from the Auto Ranch Group.

The site was chosen because it will be a convenient location to serve a customer base in several counties in Oregon and Idaho, the release states.

“The new Subaru dealership was designed to match Subaru’s current brand imaging and will be a one-of-a-kind, state-of-the art dealership facility,” the release reads.

It will have 20 service bays, with dedicated equipment and staff for express service and maintenance. The “extensive waiting room” will include complimentary Wi-Fi, several choices of seating options and quiet workspace.

“The dealership also has some unique features, including two wood-burning fireplaces and an extensive dog park, as well as a children’s play area designed to replicate an old roadside fruit stand, in keeping with the historical orchard operations in and around Fruitland,” the release reads.

“This dealership will be specifically designed to meet Subaru’s ECO-friendly certification and will be among the most efficient dealership buildings in the nation,” the statement reads.

The company will be moving some managers and employees from Ontario to the Fruitland store, but 35 new managers and team members will be hired to fill new positions in Fruitland and vacated positions in Ontario, initially, with the new hires to grow up to 45 in the following months.

Todd McCurry, who owns Auto Ranch Group with his wife, Paula, said in a statement, “Subaru is quickly becoming the vehicle brand of choice in our area and the Auto Ranch has become the ‘go-to’ dealership group of choice. Our growth, combined with Subaru’s meteoric growth, makes this the perfect time to establish a new dealership in this market.”

“We are extremely happy to be part of a greater Fruitland, Ontario, Payette market. People here still care where they do business and with whom. They want to feel good about the people and the company where they do business. That’s exactly the kind of market we thrive in,” McCurry said.

Subaru has enjoyed 11 straight years of sales records, the release said, and the “Auto Ranch Group is the fastest growing dealership group in Idaho and Oregon.”

Beginning with one dealership in Mountain Home, in 2003, the Auto Ranch Group now operates 17-franchises across seven dealerships in southern Idaho and eastern Oregon. Including two locations in Ontario and the new one in Fruitland

The company has also established a foundation to provide college scholarships to students from rural communities.

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