Jake and Patsy Jacobs

Jake and Patsy Jacobs sit outside the office at Savon Building Materials in Payette on July 22. The couple recently sold the property to a private buyer, in order to retire.

PAYETTE - The saying “all good things must end” has come true for business owners Jake and Patsy ‘Pat’ Jacobs, who owned Savon Building Materials in Payette from 1974 until its sale this month.

The newspaper spoke with the couple on July 22, as a cloudy sky gave relief to their family members who were preparing inventory for liquidation.

“I’m 81 years old, [Patsy is] 78,” Jake Jacobs noted. “My health’s bad … her health’s bad, we’ve gotta get out. Can’t work forever.”

Jacobs presently suffers from throat cancer.

He recalled his time as a traveling auctioneer and running an operation known as Jake’s Auctions.

“I spent at least four years, five years in the auction business before this; I traveled the whole Northwest, Nebraska this way,” Jacobs said, noting he would attend three sales a week. He added that he worked to resell excess inventory from the mobile home industry, as well.

“We decided that after traveling in the auctions and we slowly became Moore-Savon.”

Savon originally started at the southeast corner of Northeast 10th Avenue and South Main Street, presently Collision Center & Towing, before relocating to the northwest corner.

“We built this from the flat ground,” Jake Jacobs said. “We put in some good time with it.”

Jacobs said people from all around came to visit over the years, some from as far as Salem, Oregon.

“We had so many followers in the business. Everybody [would] come and see us … from here, all over the Northwest.”

Patsy Jacobs noted some of those customers came from east of Payette.

“We sent shipments to Montana, Utah,” and many others, she said.

“It’s been really good to us,” said Jake Jacobs.

He noted his effort to support local media through advertising from early on, until the internet came into play.

“We advertised with the Argus maybe 30, 35, maybe 40 years… Then this computer [stuff] kind of took over. I’m a very low-tech man!” said Jacobs.

He said keeping the business in the family wasn’t possible, as his next of kin already have other business ventures on their hands.

“Don’t have the kids to hire to take it over.”

When asked about the new owner, the couple could not identify him except to say that he quickly made the sale with their real estate agent, Kloy Debban of Premier Group Realty West, after a short conversation.

“A guy came in and bought it one day,” said Patsy Jacobs. “A very, very nice man and he just talked to Jake for an hour on a Saturday.”

“He’s a multi-millionaire and has property all over Idaho,” said Jake Jacobs. “Above the Hells Canyon Dam, the first place that you can go up the hill on the Idaho side, he owns all that property.”

He went on to say the new owner has five mills, as well as business ventures in Oregon.

The new owner does not intend to continue Savon according to Jacobs, saying he will focus on other uses for the property. As such, the entire inventory at Savon is being made available through an online auction being conducted by FB Online Auction in Payette, owned by Tammy Jacobs, their daughter.

“He wanted to put his money in property, that’s why he bought it. He didn’t want the business,” explained Jake Jacobs.

Patsy Jacobs said the new owner has given them until Oct. 20 to liquidate inventory and vacate.

“He wants no inventory, it has to all be gone,” she said.

To their customers, the Jacobs’ showed appreciation for 46 years of business.

“I always have [helped people], and it’s always paid … and everybody got a good deal,” said Jake Jacobs.

When asked about memorable customers, he said all were memorable to him.

“He’s a tough man, but he’s very well-loved by everybody,” said Patsy.

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