Fruitland Color Guard

Fruitland Color Guard entertains the crowd at its annual dinner and auction in September of 2015, to raise money for the high school’s color guard and band. The color guard will hit the streets in Fruitland with the marching band on Saturday for another fundraiser.

On Saturday, the Fruitland Marching Band & Color Guard will present Bucks for the Band, an annual event featuring mini parades through the neighborhoods of Fruitland.

The Band will divide into three smaller bands to cover the approximately 10 housing developments in Fruitland. The bands will parade through the neighborhoods giving residents the opportunity to come out to listen and drop a financial donation in a bucket as the band goes by. Children are encouraged to decorate their bicycles and follow along as the parades wind through their community.

Parades will run from approximately 9:30 a.m. till noon, with the band making short presentations all around town.

“When you hear the band coming, come out and give us a listen,” encourages Joel Williams, Band Director, in a news release.

In the days leading up to the event, band students will be hanging reminders on doors and providing pre-addressed envelopes for neighbors who will not be home, but would like to make a donation.

This event is part of the ongoing fundraising activities that the band is doing to help the band program in Fruitland. This year donations are going towards the purchase of new music and equipment.

For more information about Fruitland Band & Color Guard, visit FHSgrizzlyband on Facebook.

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