FRUITLAND — Have you ever found yourself staring at the ceiling at your doctor’s office? For patients of Fresenius Kidney Care Clinic in Nampa, the likelihood of a ‘yes’ answer is literally going up.

Ahead of the holiday season, Fruitland High School senior Alison Hannah brought an artistic idea to her teacher Deanna Grimes for her Advanced Art class; Painting the office’s ceiling tiles to help take patients’ minds off of the stress of dialysis procedures.

The idea came at the behest of Hannah’s father, biomedical technician David Hannah 

“Ali [Alison] asked him for ceiling tiles from the clinic for us to paint. The patients there will now be able to enjoy artwork while receiving their dialysis,” wrote Grimes in an email to the newspaper on Dec. 14. “Ali is a great student and very excited to share her love of art with the Kidney Care patients.”

The newspaper visited the classes as students took on the task on Dec. 15, to find out what creativity would emanate from their minds, and to learn more about Alison’s take on the project. The class has taken on the task as part of its regular assignments.

“[My dad] saw it at an elementary school and he thought it was really cool,” said Alison in a Dec. 15 interview. “Dialysis patients sit in their chairs for four to five hours every day just staring at the ceiling, so he thought it’d be a really cool opportunity for us to be able to make some beautiful art for them to be able to look at.”

Designs submitted by Hannah’s peers range from whimsical in nature to down-to-earth. Alison has painted an image of the ripple effect from a water drop.

“I love rain; It’s just a little puddle with some greenery around it with some water droplets in it,” she said about her work.

According to Alison, David Hannah has worked in dialysis for seven years.

“My dad’s not very artistic,” Alison said. “But he does love the art that I do.”

While Alison said her career goals take her into the physical therapy field, her basic hope is the enjoyment of patients, as they see her peers’ work while undergoing treatment.

“I really hope that people … enjoy their treatments more, knowing that people put some time and effort into these, to make them feel just a little bit more comfortable in their area while they receive their treatment.”

Alison said she aims to continue art as a hobby, but if given the opportunity she said she would invite future students to paint designs of their own in her future practice.

“I love art, and  this opportunity I feel like was just something amazing and very unique and kind of spontaneous. And I’m very, very happy that I was able to include all of these people in it.”

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