Setbacks may be set forward says Council

A house under construction is seen in Payette on Sept. 10. The Payette City Council amended its rules on setbacks during its Sept. 8 regular meeting.

PAYETTE — If you’ve ever built your own home, you may be familiar with two definitions of setbacks: One involves construction delays and finding out you legally need to get more permits or add features to your house. The other tells you how far the house needs to be from your property line.

Regarding the latter in the city of Payette, the Payette City Council set out to amend its requirements for new homes at their regular meeting on Sept. 8.

Under current rules, Payette City Code 17.28.040 sets the following requirements for how far inside property lines a new house has to be placed:

• There shall be a setback of at least twenty feet (20’) from the front property line.

• There shall be a side yard of not less than five feet (5’).

• There shall be a rear yard setback of ten feet (10’) from the rear property line.

These rules apply to houses built since Jan. 2020.

The Council introduced Ordinance 1481 at this meeting, which modifies the setback requirements for the front of a house being built in a single-family residential zone. Under this ordinance, the front setback may be as little as 15 feet for the living area of the structure, but leaves the 20 foot requirement intact for any vehicle garages attached to the house.

Councilor Daniel Lopez moved to approve the ordinance on its first reading, with Councilor Kathy Patrick seconding. A roll call vote in favor of the ordinance was unanimous.

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