Second-graders return to class

The exterior of Payette Primary School, as seen on Sept. 3. A classroom of second-graders returned to school Sept. 3, after being quarantined upon receiving a tip about potential exposure to COVID-19.

PAYETTE — A classroom of second-graders at Payette Primary School returned to class on Sept. 3 after quarantining earlier in the week following an initial report that the students had a potential exposure to COVID-19.

According to Superintendent Robin Gilbert, the move to quarantine came in response to a mother reporting their child was exposed.

“The school and Southwest District Health were given wrong information,” wrote Gilbert in a Sept. 2 email. “Both entities erred on the side of caution, later to find a false report of positive testing.”

Gilbert said feedback from the agency helped determine that the child allegedly exposed to the virus had been kept home from school already.

“When [the agency] could not find the positive test in their system … they did follow up phone calling to find out the child was home because another family member had tested positive.”

According to Gilbert, parents were notified of the error and were thanked for their support.

“We were pleased that we were able to quickly move to a quarantined environment of instruction and pleased to welcome students back so quickly …  All students except one in quarantine were in class [as of Sept. 3].”

To learn more about the District’s response to COVID-19, visit or call (208) 642-9366.

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