BOISE – Final Fall 2020 statewide results of Idaho’s early reading test, the Idaho Reading

Indicator, show little variation from preliminary results released in November. The final results include a breakdown by district and school, as well as performance by student demographic groups.

About half -- 49.6% -- of Idaho’s K-3 students were assessed At Grade Level this fall, down

from 54.7 percent last year. Individual grades’ scores at grade level were:

• Kindergarten -- 43.4% (up from 42.3%t last fall)

• Grade 1 – 41.7% (48.9% last fall)

• Grade 2 – 54.3% (62.9% last fall)

• Grade 3 – 58.3% (64% last fall)

“The Fall IRI provides teachers with baseline data to develop learning plans and set goals to determine student growth. This year, the results also provide an indication of the impacts of COVID on student progress, and declines were expected” Superintendent of Public Instruction Sherri Ybarra said. “These results are critical in giving Idaho teachers data they can use to tailor instruction for specific student needs, which is more important this year than ever.”

Now in its fourth year of administration, the IRI is given to all K-3 public school students each fall

and spring and measures five foundational reading skills; Alphabetic Knowledge, Phonemic

Awareness, Vocabulary, Comprehension and Fluency to ensure Idaho students are learning to read

so they can read to learn. Student scores are reported in three tiers: ‘At Grade Level,’ ‘Near Grade

Level’ and ‘Below Grade Level.’

Members of the public can access local district and school results, along with the statewide results,

on the State Department of Education website.

More than 86,000 students across the state took the fall IRI between Aug. 10 and Oct. 9. 90% of the online tests were administered in schools, while 10 percent took the test from home.

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