School Board tackles committee assignments

The Fruitland School District board of Trustees as seen at its annual meeting on Monday. Kelly Henggeler was reappointed as Chairman of the board during the meeting.

FRUITLAND — With a new year comes new business, including that business which the Fruitland School District Board of Trustees took on in its annual meeting on Monday. At the top of the list was trustees’ assignments going into 2021.

Trustee Debbie Hurrle moved to nominate Kelly Henggeler for reappointment as Chairman of the board, with Trustee Layne Howell seconding. The voice vote to approve this motion was 4-0.

This motion was followed by a motion by Trustee Aaron Dressen to appoint Trustee Matt Frye as vice chairman, as Hurrle seconded. The vote to approve was also 4-0.

These motions were followed by committee assignments. Following is a list of assignments proposed by Henggeler during the meeting.

Frye was picked to head up the teacher negotiations committee, which was previously handled by former Trustee Diane O’Dell. Hurrle and Dressen were chosen to be in the charge of the district’s sick leave bank.

Howell and Hurrle would remain on the calendaring committee, while Dressen was asked to manage the district’s health insurance policy in Henggeler’s stead. Dressen was also assigned to the technology committee along with Frye. Frye would also be assigned to the budget review committee along with Henggeler. Henggeler cited Frye’s work at First Interstate Bank and having kids enrolled in Fruitland schools as reasons for this appointment.

“To be honest with you, the budget review and the monthly bill review and teacher negotiations, those all kinda fall under the same ball of  wax,” said Henggeler. “There’s a lot of synergies between those.”

Henggeler noted that little change in committee assignments had been made in the year prior to this meeting.

“We really haven’t changed in a while …The board’s been pretty solid,” said Henggeler. “Diane [O’Dell]’s retired off the board, so we kinda gotta look to the future a little bit.”

Henggeler also noted how much involvement is required as Howell and Hurrle handle the calendaring committee.

Dressen moved to approve the committee assignments as Howell seconded. The vote to approve was 4-0.

Board Clerk Nikki Carter was also reappointed, as moved by Frye and seconded by Hurrle. The vote to approve was also 4-0.

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