School board approves utility easement for subdivision near Payette High

Payette High School, as seen from the construction site of a new housing subdivision across the street from the campus on Sixth Avenue South on Wednesday. The Payette School District Board of Trustees approved use of an existing easement near the campus for Farmers Mutual Telephone Company to utilize fiberoptic lines to provide services to these future homes.

PAYETTE — While local homebuilders work to make space for the growth Payette County is experiencing, and a local internet service provider makes room for them on their network, the Payette School District is lending a helping hand.

At its regular meeting on Monday, the Board of Trustees discussed approving an existing telecom easement for use by Farmers Mutual Telephone Company. The easement is located near the campus of Payette High School and would provide for Farmers Mutual to connect to a new housing subdivision being built near the school.

The tract is located near the northwest corner of U.S. Highway 95 and Sixth Avenue South.

“The easement is there, existing, but with the new subdivision going in across the street, the Farmers Mutual Telephone Company would like to do some pre-planning,” said Board Chairman Andy Kirkendall.

The easement will allow Farmers Mutual to route underground cables beneath Sixth Avenue South to run to the new subdivision.

“There are three sections of the easement, two of which are 10’ wide and the other is 15’ wide,” wrote Superintendent Robin Gilbert in an email Friday. “We are providing the easement so that Farmers can tap into the fiberoptic lines that are already buried underground on our property.”

As pointed out by Board Clerk Barbara Choate, a sewer line to the street runs nearby where lines are to be laid. She said Farmers Mutual officials acknowledged the risk of flooding but said it was unlikely to affect the lines.

“It’s considerably lower than where they will have their conduit,” said Choate. “Easements that running all the way down Sixth Avenue are already in place, so it really is the [line] that’s going into the school, and then they’ll put what they call a hand hole so they have access to the fibers that’s running both directions.”

Trustee Terrie Cathcart-Shurte moved to approve the use of this easement by Farmers Mutual, with Trustee Ethan Mittelstadt seconding. The vote to approve was unanimous, 3-0.

District officials were unavailable to confirm whether the campus presently uses Farmers Mutual services before press time.

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