Renovation goes wrong

Flames spread in this vacant house on Center Avenue in Payette, as firefighters arrive early Saturday morning. The house and the lot it stands on were vacant at the time of the fire due to a remodel.

PAYETTE — A vacant house in Payette caught fire at 3:34 a.m. on Saturday in the 2200 block of Center Ave. in Payette.

According to Payette Fire Chief Steve Castenada, nobody was injured in the fire, as the house was vacant and in the process of being remodeled when the fire took place.

Resident Dylan Rhinehart, who lives next door to the house involved, took pictures of the house as Payette firefighters battled the flames. He said the property had come a long way leading up to the fire.

“I do not know the people working on the house, but they had done a lot of work to the property clearing out bushes and trees and getting it to look nice; it was really overgrown when we bought our house next door,” said Rhinehart via email. “They had just replaced all the windows and put a new metal roof on it. It looked like they had been doing a lot of work to the inside also.”

Rhinehart credits the first officer who reported to the scene for alerting him to what was happening.

“I just couldn’t believe how lucky me and my family were that the officer who came knocking and yelling at our door drove by at just the right time and saw the smoke before the fire got out of hand. We would have lost our truck and car and even worse our home. We are so grateful for that officer and the firefighters who kept it contained and got it put out.”

The cause of the fire is still under investigation, according to Castenada.

The extent of the damage is unknown, however Rhinehart indicates that it appeared firefighters were working in the attic portion of the home.

No damage estimates were available as of press time.

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