Ratepayers set to pay more in new year

The payment drop box at Payette City Hall, as pictured Thursday. At its regular meeting on Sept. 7, the Payette City Council approved the first trash, water and wastewater rate hikes in the city since 2019.

PAYETTE — As costs of living rise across the country, so will those of Payette residents in 2022. As approved by the Payette City Council during its regular meeting on Sept. 7, trash, water and sewer rates are all set to go up over the next three years.

The increases will help the city offset costs for needed improvements to its water and sewer systems, as previously reported.

Sewer and water

Rate increases for sewer and water services came before the council in the form of Resolution 2021-09. It notes that the last time the council approved rate and fee increases was in May 2019.

Following is a breakdown of the new rates effective Jan. 1, 2022, compared against present rates.

• Wastewater base rate: $21.75 per dwelling, up from $17.38. This is expected to reach $31.21 in 2023

• Usage fee: 28.1 cents per 100 gallons, up from 27.3 cents.

• Rural sewer, outside city limits: $43.50, up from $34.75.

• Usage fee, outside city limits: 56.2 cents, up from 54.6 cents.

• Sewer permits and reconstruction/replacement fund fees remain unchanged, at $750 and $2.55, respectively.

• Sewer-only users base rate: $43.50 per month, presently $30.11.

• Portable toilet waste: $5.31 per dump, up from $5.15.

• Portable toilet waste usage: $1.03 per 100 gallons, up from $1.

Monthly water rates will remain tied to meter size. Following is a breakdown of new water rates, effective WHEN.

• 3/4 inch meter: $10.35 base rate, up from $6.87. This is set to reach $17.90 in 2023.

• 1 inch: $18.63, up from $12.34

• 2 inch: $72.45, up from $48.03

• 3 inch: $165.60, up from $109.78

• 4 inch: $289.80, up from $192.11

• 6 inch: $662.40, up from $439.08

• Consumption, per 100 gallons used: 25.3 cents, presently 24.5 cents.

Meter installation fees will also increase. Examples of increases include $300 for a 3/4 inch meter, up from $125 each.

Councilor Lori Steiniker moved to approve the increases, but with an effective date of Jan. 1, 2022 instead of Oct. 1 as originally proposed, for the increases listed here. This was seconded by Councilor Daniel Lopez. The vote to approve was 5-0, in favor. 


As requested by Mark Fulwiler, site manager for Hardin Sanitation, a rate increase of 5.2% was submitted to the council on Aug. 17, and appeared on the meeting’s agenda as Resolution 2021-10. In his request, Fulwiler cited a Consumer Price Index increase of 5.2% for this proposed hike.

“This adjustment equates to an additional $.76/month for our most frequently utilized service level,” wrote Fulwiler. “Over the course of providing over 65 years of service to the citizens of Payette, we have actively sought out new cost effective ways to provide a high level of service to our customers. We have invested over $300K in our trucks and $130k in our operations over the last year to assure that level of service to the City of Payette.”

Following are the new rates, effective Nov. 1.

• Residential service: $12.56 weekly, up from $11.94. This is billed monthly.

• Drive-in service: $5.59 monthly, up from $5.31

For commercial container service, delivery charges will be $17.53, up from $.16.66. Rates begin at $31.81 per month for a 1 or 1.5 cubic yard container, extending all the way up to $302.78 for three pick-ups a week for an 8 cubic yard container.

Councilor Ray Wickersham moved to approve the resolution, seconded by Councilor Kathy Patrick. The vote to approve was 5-0 in favor.

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