Police chief’s wife prepares birthday surprise

Signage outside Fruitland City Hall acknowledges Police Chief J.D. Huff’s 50th birthday, as pictured Wednesday. The display was put together by his wife, Dawn.

FRUITLAND — On Wednesday morning, Fruitland Police Chief J.D. Huff arrived to work and found a pleasant surprise waiting outside his office for him: An array of signage, wishing him a happy 50th birthday. The display was put together by his wife, Dawn, as confirmed by City Administrator Rick Watkins in an email to the newspaper Thursday.

In a separate email the same day, the chief acknowledged how much of a surprise this display really was.

“I was not expecting that. It was a complete surprise and there were several of the staff in on that,” wrote Huff.

Despite how big his wife’s surprise was, Huff said gifts received from co-workers once he got inside were about what he believed to be acceptable on one’s golden birthday.

“I received nothing special, just a lot of ‘over the hill’ type gifts.”

Among the signs posted in the display was one with a motorcycle on it. Huff said it reflects his love for dual sport and adventure bikes, even though he’s not as into road bikes.

Despite his age and the demands of his job, Huff said he’s wearing his miles well.

“I still feel like I’m 30, but with gray hair. Lol.”

Huff expressed his gratitude to Dawn and his staff for making his 50th birthday enjoyable.

“My wife and co-workers are great people and I appreciate every one of them.”

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