Plans being laid for the pool and more

Payette recreation director Tiffany Weimar, left, addresses the Payette City Council during its regular meeting on Monday. Weimar said she aims to reopen the Payette Public Pool by the end of April.

PAYETTE — Residents of Payette have been waiting with bated breath for an announcement regarding the reopening of the Payette Public Pool. While Payette city officials aren’t yet ready to make that announcement, the young woman who has taken charge of the facility is poised to get it back in shape for aerobics meets and open swims within the next two months.

At the Payette City Council’s regular meeting on Monday, newly-hired recreation director Tiffany Weimar shared her plans for the pool among other things. Weimar accepted the job in early February.

“This is, like, week three for me, so things are moving,” said Weimar. “First, I really just want to say thank you to everybody that’s been super helpful; Mr. Mayor [Jeff Williams] and Bobbie [Black, Deputy Clerk] and Mary [Cordova, City Clerk] and the [other clerk] in the office have been more than willing to be super helpful.”

Weimar said she anticipates having “almost a brand new team” running the pool this spring; A Payette High School graduate, she reached out to this school and to Fruitland and Weiser high schools for help getting candidates for open lifeguard positions at the pool. She has also posted several job openings on the pool’s Facebook page.

“This week I’m doing interviews; Hopefully I’m gonna get a good team together … I also sent out some flyers.”

Weimar said new hires would be offered private lifeguard certification courses, and noted that she would be taking a course herself as part of her new job.

“I’d love to have enough staff hired by spring break, the last week of this month, to be able to get those guards trained during that time. It is an expensive training course that requires a lot of pool hours, and a lot of high schoolers [would] like to be lifeguards and obviously they’re in school.”

On the facilities side of business, Weimar aims to refresh the pool as resources allow. 

“As far as the pool building goes, we’re working on getting that nice and deep-cleaned because, obviously there hasn’t been anybody in there for a year. It needs a little love, a big ’ol warm hug …”

Weimar said she was also working on getting new flotation devices for the facility.

“I want it to be a really fun and uplifting place to go, and I don’t want it to have the baggage that it kind of felt for at least the administrative portion of it … I think that’s kind of what the mayor kind of expected.”

In an effort to streamline operations at the pool, Weimar is working to bring in a new computer-based membership management system through Vermont Systems, which as its name suggests is based in Vermont, according to its website. She said the aim is to make obtaining and accessing memberships online feasible for the pool’s most frequent users.

“You can also schedule out buildings and parks, and see events, that type of thing. That’s another thing we’re working on.”

Weimar compared the system to that in use in the Payette Public Library, which allows users to  check out materials electronically. It would allow staff members to see what membership type a user has purchased, and how many people have access to that membership, she said. 

Weimar said the system could use either keychain tags or a thumbprint scanner to control access. She is presently comparing that system against such offered by Community Pass, who reached out to her to offer a demonstration.

To protect staff members’ ability to run transactions, Weimar said she plans to purchase waterproof tablets for use at the snack bar and in other pool-related transactions..

Weimar estimated the pool may be able to reopen by the end of April.

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