Residents of the Western Treasure Valley who are heading into neighboring states to use off-highway vehicles should be aware of a new law beginning Jan. 1: OHV registration stickers from their home states will no longer be enough; they will also need a non-resident registration.

In Idaho, non-residents will now be required to purchase a non-resident OHV registration sticker for $12, which is the same fee for Idaho residents, according to a news release from Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation.

The agency claims the change is due to similar ones in nearby states.

“As other states surrounding Idaho eliminated reciprocity, Idaho followed suit and voted to do the same,” states the release.

In Oregon, some out-of-state permits are honored, according to information posted online by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department. These states include bordering states of California and Washington as well as several other states. However, it states that effective Jan. 1, both Idaho and Utah residents (registration from which was previously honored) must obtain a nonresident OHV user certificate.

The registration fees from residents and non-residents will be used to fund trail maintenance, education, mapping and enforcement efforts throughout the state, according to the agency.

Non-resident OHV registration stickers are available for purchase in Fruitland at the Fruitland Outdoor Power Sport or Tom’s Motorcycle & ATV Repair, in Payette at the Payette County DMV, or in Weiser at the Washington

County DMV.

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