Officials call for input on comprehensive plan

Seen here is the present comprehensive plan map, created in 2006. As noted in this copy, a new map is to be created with community input included.

PAYETTE COUNTY — Do you have thoughts on how growth in Payette County should be managed over the next two decades? The Payette County Planning and Zoning Commission is giving residents the opportunity to share their thoughts in an upcoming public hearing.

“Payette County is in the process of revising the Comprehensive Plan which acts as a roadmap for potential growth and development in the next 10-20 years, wrote Jennifer Riebe, Vice Chairperson of the of the commission, in a Nov. 25 email. “The Comprehensive Plan serves as a guide for planning and zoning, and County Commissioners regarding agricultural, residential, commercial, and industrial land use decisions. The revision process provides Payette County residents an opportunity to voice their opinions and help shape the future of their communities.”

The commission will hold a virtual meeting through Zoom on Dec. 8 from 6-7 p.m., with Riebe encouraging county residents to participate by whatever means they have.

“We would love to get as much participation as possible, even if people are only able to call in on a phone line,” added Riebe. 

For those who can’t make the meeting, the commission is putting up informational displays and comment cards in several locations:

• Payette County Courthouse

• Fruitland City Hall

• Pilgrim Market in New Plymouth

• Sand Hollow Market

“Additional information and periodic updates about the Comprehensive Plan will be posted on the Payette County Facebook page and the Payette County Planning and Zoning web site,” Riebe added.

Riebe noted that this meeting will mainly be an introduction to the process of updating the plan, with specific elements of the plan to be tackled at subsequent meetings.

“In this meeting, we will also be gauging the reaction to the following vision statement that was developed with the help of our Citizens’ Advisory Committee: ‘In 2040, Payette County is a thriving rural area that supports vital communities, conserves natural resources, leverages a prosperous agricultural economy to ensure a healthy lifestyle for residents and visitors alike,’” Riebe added.

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