Man tells council he and his wife ‘want to make the community a better place’

Kim Ellis, seated, addressed the New Plymouth City Council regarding this year’s Serve Day event at the City Council’s regular meeting on March 2.

NEW PLYMOUTH — The attendees at the regular meeting of the New Plymouth City Council on March 2 featured a guest speaker with a community service based proposal.

“My wife and I are the Serve Day leads for New Plymouth,” stated Kim Ellis, who then added, “We want to make the community a better place to be.”

Community Serve Day for the Western Treasure Valley is a community development project initiated by the nonprofit organization Better Together in which volunteers sign up to participate in community service projects. These projects were submitted for approval prior to volunteers taking to the streets.

Ellis told the council that there are already five projects scheduled. Of those projects, he said that one of them is a quilting project. Another is a house-painting project, which has already received approval.

Ellis reminded the city council members that while Serve Day has been active in the Western Treasure Valley annually for many years, this year is only the second annual Serve Day for New Plymouth.

He then suggested that the city coincide its annual Spring Clean-Up event with Serve Day and utilize the available volunteer labor of “the football teams.”

Ellis also suggested that if both projects run either simultaneously or within days of one another, the dumpsters scheduled to be used for Spring Clean-Up can serve dual purposes for both projects.

“Get started and kick in,” said Mayor Rick York of the dumpster-sharing proposal.

The council determined that there may be extra costs involved with keeping the dumpster longer than originally anticipated and that paying for it might require using money from the General Fund.

City Clerk Danielle Painter said that not all of the dumpster rental fees can be paid for from the General Fund and that there are currently no dumpster fees listed as items in the budget.

“But we’ll make it happen,” stated Painter following the explanation.

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