Local ready to raise more funds for Children’s Hospital

Kathy Patrick’s first granddaughter, Amethyst Anderson Webecke, with her husband, Jacob, are pictured on July 4, 2019. Patrick, a Payette resident, cites her granddaughter as the inspiration for her annual St. Patrick’s Day fundraiser.

PAYETTE - Payette resident Kathy Patrick is once again teaming up with the Payette Eagles Lodge for her annual St. Patrick’s Day Fundraiser for St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital.

In addition to approximately 500 pounds of corned beef being cooked, and the many heads of cabbage being prepared, raffles and auctions are also held there. There will also be live entertainment starting at 11 a.m.  

As part of her preparations for the fundraiser, Patrick shared the history of the fundraiser and the inspiration thereof with the newspaper in an interview last week.

“March 20, 1995, my first granddaughter [Amethyst Anderson Webecke] was born at St. Luke’s Hospital downtown Boise, Idaho. She was 10 weeks early and was born with serious complications, so she was rushed to the NICU. For the first three days I did not [know] whether she or my daughter would live.”

Patrick said she spent much of her time in prayer as doctors worked to ensure Amethyst’s survival over the ensuing 32 days.

“During this ordeal I promised God if he let her live I would pay back.”

As Amethyst recovered from her complications, Patrick got to work putting a fundraiser together to benefit St. Luke’s. The date is significant because of her family history.

“Our family is Irish, so I decided I would do a fundraiser on St. Patrick’s Day. March 17, 1996 was my first event.”

There, Patrick cooked up two beef briskets, gave away a television and raised $300.

“With a lot of help from family & friends and the generosity of the Eagles here in Payette, we now cook four- to five-hundred pounds of corned beef and have raised in excess of eighty thousand dollars.”

Patrick made sure to mention that every dime raised goes to St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital in Boise. Patrick added via email that those who give of their time or resources to make this fundraiser possible are “too numerous to name.”

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