Lip sync challenge ‘a great opportunity’

This screenshot shows a clip from a recent lip sync video performed by members of Payette City Police Department.

In order to build trust with their communities, law enforcement officials across the country for the last couple months have been participating in an online lip sync challenge. Picking up on that trend recently were members of the Payette City Police Department, who recently took part in a lip sync challenge.

“After receiving many requests we decided to throw our hat in the ring and do a lip sync video,” wrote Chief Mark Clark in an email.

The idea was born after a “couple officers were being sticks in the mud about the idea” during a patrol meeting, he said.

“So we just made them the center of our video,” wrote Clark. “This was a great opportunity for the department to come together and do something fun.”

The roles clearly play out in the video which can be found on the department’s Facebook page. The video features department members dancing while lip syncing to Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” at various business and locations within Payette — including the aisle of a grocery store and a salon.

“We decided to involve members and business in our community, this idea turned out to be great and help build public trust,” Clark wrote.

As with many of the lip sync videos seen online, Payette Police ended up challenging two other agencies, Fruitland Police Department and Payette County Sheriff’s Office, to do the same.

“Yes, we are calling out our fellow law enforcement officers in Payette County to a lip sync challenge, so Fruitland police and Payette county let’s see your game.”

When asked whether the sheriff’s office would be participating, Lt. Andy Creech, who watched the Payette Police video Tuesday night said “we’re talking about it.”

It will likely be a few weeks, he said, as some people are currently out on vacation, and the goal would be to get as many people involved who want to be.

“We’ll also have to figure out how to record it, because some of those videos are really good,” Creech said.

He agrees with Clark that it’s good for citizens to see members of law enforcement in this light.

“It helps the public identify with the officers,” Creech said.

Fruitland Police Chief JD Huff said his department will not be accepting the challenge.

“I think it’s super fun and cool to see those guys doing that, however, maybe it’s due to lack of artistic talent, we’re not interested.”


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