Sue Coleman

Sue Coleman pauses for a picture with after school kids at the Primary School.

This year’s Lights On Afterschool Celebration had a lot to celebrate with the nomination of Sue Coleman, as Payette’s Lights On Afterschool Hero.

Championing for after school for the Payette School District has been

Coleman’s life for the past seven years. Not only does she work in the after school program with first through third graders, before and after the school day, she is also a Kindergarten Teacher in our 21 st CCLC Kindergarten Program.

This is so impactful for our kiddos in the after school program because many of them have already established a great relationship with Mrs. Coleman in kindergarten, and it carries over into after school. Since she is working with two programs, we consider her a “double hero!” The Payette School District was fortunate enough to recruit her away from the WICAP Head Start program where she had experience working with preschoolers and we challenged her to work with slightly older students. That was no problem for her. A master at relationship-building, Sue is kind, compassionate, and patient, and the children and their parents love and trust her. Sue is a team player, always excited to learn and try new things, and she volunteers for every family event no matter the time or day. Special needs students are often placed in her classroom because of that patience that was mentioned, and because she also has a gift for working with these students.

While she is on the payroll, she works well beyond her paid hours arriving at 6:30 am and often staying until 6:00 pm. Sue never complains, and never takes a sick day.

Sue’s famous saying is “I will do whatever you need; I am here for the kids.”, and the kids know that. We love Mrs. Coleman, and don’t know what we would do without her. That is why she is Payette School District’s Afterschool Hero.

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