The U.S. Treasury Department reported that the federal government took in a record $3.249 trillion in receipts for fiscal year 2015. Despite taking more in taxes, the federal government still spent $439 billion more than it received—adding again to the still growing nearly $19 trillion national debt. Comprehensive fiscal reform that reduces spending, reforms our tax code, stabilizes entitlement programs and strengthens spending controls must be enacted to control this alarming debt and grow our economy.

The Treasury’s report shows again the government cannot tax and spend its way out of this problem. The first month of this new fiscal year alone, the federal government increased its deficit spending $14 billion more than it spent in the first month of the last fiscal year. In fact, despite my opposition, the President recently signed into law legislation to break the statutory spending caps by $80 billion over the next two years. The national debt the federal government has amassed amounts to more than $57,000 owed per U.S. citizen. This recklessness cannot be maintained.

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