Election judge

Fruitland city hall, pictured here, was one of several precincts for the Consolidated Election in Payette County on Nov. 5. 

Poll workers in Idaho train hard leading up to elections and put in a full day on Election Day, all for minimum wage. The more dedicated among them, who return year after year share a common goal: protecting election integrity.

In charge of protecting the election process at the Fruitland City Hall polling place on Nov. 5 was Election Judge Judy Baines.

“It’s usually about a fourteen-hour day,” she said. “We have to get here an hour before, before the polls open and we’re usually here good hour, hour and a-half after the polls close.”

An Election Judge is in charge of swearing in poll workers and troubleshooting during the course of Election Day.

Baines said she started working the polls because the opportunity was right.

“I was asked to do it but I have always been interested in... the election process, and I did it years and years ago and when they asked me to come back I thought, ‘Oh yeah sure, I’m retired. Why not?’”

Being a former teacher, Baines reminds eligible voters to use their right or lose it.

“I think you shouldn’t complain if you don’t vote; You need to vote your thoughts. That’s our freedom, we need to do that.”

Those interested in working the polls in future elections can visit www.idahovotes.gov to learn more.

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