Courthouse fire alarms are sound, says Sheriff

New fire alarm devices can be seen inside the Payette County Courthouse, as pictured on Monday. Sheriff Andy Creech said despite some issues with the installation process, Alarmco Inc., which provided the system, was quick to correct these issues.

PAYETTE — As previously reported, Boise-based Alarmco, Inc. has provided a new fire alarm system at the Payette County Courthouse, which was installed there in April. The system was first approved by the Payette County Board of Commissioners on Jan. 4.

However, before authorizing payment on the final invoice for the system, Payette County Sheriff Andy Creech addressed at the commissioners’ regular meeting on Monday concerns he had with the installation thereof.

“We did have some issues with the installer that was here the majority of the time, with not completing some small tasks that needed to be done,” said Creech during the meeting. “There were some old devices that they pulled down, but they didn’t put covers up over the junction boxes and it was insisted that they would before they were done. He came back and put some covers that were not designed to be there.”

A junction box is a metal or plastic used as a housing for wiring connections. 

Creech said square covers were being put over round junction boxes, with Commissioner Reece Hrizuk observing that such covers being used in this project were “pretty obvious.”

One particular area of concern was Alarmco installers not adequately cleaning up after installing alarm appliances inside the Payette County Jail.

“They left some … screws in the jail, as well,” Creech added.

Creech told the commissioners he sent an email to Alarmco’s offices to get the installation issues corrected, to which he said they responded by sending two employees to finish the job. Those employees only needed an hour to do so, according to him.

However, Creech told the commissioners that because the installation had met deadlines included in the contract, he was satisfied that final payment for the work was warranted. In an email to the newspaper, he confirmed the system meets the courthouse’s needs.

“The work is completely done to our satisfaction. The new fire alarm system has been tested and approved by the Payette Fire Chief. Payette County staff has been trained on the system. It will be monitored by the Payette County Dispatch Center.”

The newspaper sent an email to Alarmco officials for comments on this installation. This request was unreturned before press time.

The final total for the alarm system was $46,783.

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