City Council tours wastewater plant

An overview of the Payette Wastewater Treatment Plant, as seen on March 2. This was the first of several scheduled visits the Payette City Council is making to learn about city departments as the council works to understand their roles.

PAYETTE - With three new Councilors on board, the Payette City Council decided it was high time that all members took tours of the city’s facilities to get a better idea of how they work and where help may be needed. The first of these tours took place at the Payette Wastewater Treatment Plant on Feb. 18. 

Mayor Jeff Williams spoke with the newspaper regarding the tour via email on Feb. 25. He led on that other tours of city departments are on the docket.

“The new Council Members felt that as they get up to speed on their Duties it would be helpful if they visited all of the Departments,” Williams said.

Williams shared his excitement to learn how much the Plant’s staff had learned in doing their jobs.

“It amazes me how much knowledge our operators have and the numerous levels of training that each employee must attain to do their jobs. For me personally, knowing that water is life and how arid the Western part of the USA is,” said Williams. 

He also shared how important it is to him that local waterways be protected from pollution.

“It is imperative that our wastewater is returned to the Payette River in a better condition than normal runoff that passes our City. I have never had to deal with a DEQ Complaint and our WWTP employees intend to keep it that way.”

That’s not to say the Plant’s employees don’t have more to do to keep up with environmental laws; According to Williams, they do.

“We are constantly needing to meet the guidelines as required by the Clean Water Act and other EPA requirements. I think the employees know how important that is and with constant communication we can all make that a top priority.”

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