Board gives Grizzlies green light for more in-person class time

Students head home from Fruitland High School on Sept. 15. The Fruitland School Board voted on Sept. 14 to move to in-person instruction for all students four days a week, with online learning to continue on Wednesdays to allow for deep cleaning of facilities.

FRUITLAND — Students in the Fruitland School District longing for more chances to spend time with their peers may be delighted to hear that starting Sept. 17, students will return to regular in-person learning with all students on campus each day. The Fruitland School Board made the decision to make this modification to the District’s operations during their regular meeting on Sept. 14.

In a letter to parents on Sept. 14, Superintendent Lyle Bayley explained that the decline in COVID-19 cases indicated the move could be made.

“This decision was based upon the amount of COVID spread that is in the community and county presently, as well as how the numbers of cases are trending.”

However, classes will not be on campus all week each week; Campus closures will continue on Wednesdays for deep cleaning of facilities as stated in the letter. Distance learning will continue to take place online on Wednesdays for all students.

“Students who have chosen online only will remain online Monday through Friday,” wrote Bayley.

According to the Southwest District Health website, COVID-19 cases in Payette County continue to decline. As of Sept. 16, Fruitland has a daily incidence rate of 4.95 cases per 10,000 people, presently the highest in the county. Payette has a rate of 1.44 and New Plymouth is seeing a rate of 0.97. However, Payette County remains under a ‘red’ health alert as of press time, with updates scheduled for Sept. 16.

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