BBQ fundraiser

More than 200 people attended a fundraiser dinner on Idaho Family Dinner Night, that raised more than $1,800 for Payette Primary School.

The Payette Primary School was “on fire” with excitement at the recent barbecue fundraiser dinner. The fundraiser was a “smoking: success, with over $1,800 raised.

This event was held in conjunction with Idaho Family Dinner Night sponsored by the Idaho Office of Drug Policy and

These organizations promote eating together regularly as a family because it is one of the best ways to maintain and build strong family relationships.

According to the, “Teens who eat dinner with their families five times a week are half as likely to use alcohol than those whose families eat together less than twice a week.”

Parents were given placemats with conversation starters and conversation cards to encourage dialog around the dinner table. Each family also received a recipe guide with a few recipes from Idaho chefs and nutritionists that are healthy and easy to make.

The fundraiser was attended by over 200 people.

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