The Church of the Brethren served an early Thanksgiving dinner to patrons of their monthly ‘Baby Bank’ on Nov. 18, coinciding with the Baby Bank’s monthly operations.

Pat Koehler, a member of the church and Baby Bank volunteer, said the opportunity to serve is what led to the dinner.

“We just want to provide a meal for the families that come to Baby Bank, as just a thank you for them coming and supporting baby bank; We decided that this would be a fun thing to do.”

An early dinner was also served in 2018.

In addition to cooking a turkey, stuffing and other side dishes and desserts, members who brought food to the church’s monthly Sunday potluck the day before chipped in food for the Thanksgiving dinner as well.

“A lot of the salads and desserts are things that the members just left to share with the community [today],” said Koehler.

Helping Koehler prepare food for the dinner were fellow volunteers Lorraine Hunsucker, Grace Field and Mary Lou Marshall.

According to Koehler, it was the women of the church who came together to make this dinner happen.

“People seem to enjoy and appreciate it,” she said.

Koehler estimates that 30 to 40 people were fed in 2018. For 2019, Koehler said a total of 35 people were fed.

By counting how many plates were served, Koehler says she and her fellow volunteers hope to get a better idea of how many to prepare for in 2020.

Koehler expressed her gratitude to those who contributed to this year’s dinner.

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