Workship aims to help educators learn what to do after a suicide

This image appears on the online registration page for a postvention suicide response training session geared toward those in ecuation at Four Rivers Cultural Center on Monday.

ONTARIO — A free training for postvention suicide response will take place Monday from 8 to 11:30 a.m. at Four Rivers Cultural Center, 676 S.W. Fifth Ave. The course is part of the Malheur Education Service District’s Summer Institute.

The session is open to all Oregon educators and district staff, with a special emphasis on administrators, counselors and behavioral specialists. Attendees are expected to learn how to strengthen their school community by learning how to plan ahead and provide targeted support, tailoring responses and services to unique needs of survivors and involving everyone to build a strength-based community.

Registration is free, but must be done in advance.

Postvention suicide response is described as “an organized response in the aftermath of a suicide.” The goal is to provide immediate support to facilitate the healing of survivors, mitigate other negative effects of exposure to suicide, and to prevent suicide by use of a resource center among those who are at high risk after exposure to such an event.

As of Friday at 11 a.m., only 8 of the 40 available spots for the session had been filled.

For more information on postvention, or to schedule your own session, contact Rene Kesler, postvention response lead for Malheur County, at (541) 823-9090.

For more information on the summer institute, email

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