2 remembrances planned in Ontario for Sept. 11

Ontario Fire Chief Terry Leighton reads the Fireman’s Creed during the 9/11 ceremony conducted by city officials at Ontario City Hall in 2018. To Leighton’s left is U.S. Veteran Ron Verini, who is the executive director of Veteran Advocates of Ore-Ida.

ONTARIO — The morning of September 11, 2001 is one which will forever live on in the minds and hearts of Americans. Ontario’s American Legion Post 67 and Ontario City Hall are making an effort to ensure that the heroes, victims and survivors of this day are honored and given the remembrance they deserve.

Daniel Burks, commander of Post 67, began work on the speech to be delivered over a month ago and recently finished the final draft. He explained that it took so long because the speech needs to be approved before moving forward.

Burks said that it made sense for the post to hold its event at Four Rivers Cultural Center, as the monument residing at the entrance to the center was partially donated by the American Legion and the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

One hour after the Legionnaire’s program there will be another ceremony at Ontario City Hall. Ontario Fire Chief Terry Leighton confirmed that the ceremony would be conducted by the Ontario Police Department and Ontario Fire & Rescue.

Leighton said that the events were scheduled in an effort not to overlap one another, striving to ensure that those who wish to attend both can do so.

Throughout the duration of the City Hall event, Southwest Fourth Street between Southwest Fourth and Fifth Avenues will be closed.

Alternate driving routes are suggested between 11 and 11:45 a.m.

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